Ac-Planta Inc.(Ac-Planta), which is engaged in research and development, manufacturing and sales of plant bioactive agents that utilize acetic acid, made third-party allotment from Industrial Growth Platform, Inc.(IGPI).

Ac-Planta conducts research and development of bioactive agents aiming at preventing plants from drying and creating water-saving effects. It draws on mechanism, studied at RIKEN, the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, that giving acetic acid to plants activates their inherent drought tolerance.

Ac-Planta has already begun verification tests for developing products to be used at farms and households. It eventually aims to contribute to solving many social problems such as food crisis resulting from drought and population growth. Through this third-party allocation of new shares, Ac-Planta will accelerate the reinforcement of its organizational structure for further verification tests at farms, research and development, manufacturing and sales of products.

Furthermore, IGPI’s Partner Aiko Mochizuki has assumed the post of outside director at Ac-Planta on this transaction.

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