-Surviving Climate Change Together-


We use the power of science to unleash the potential of plants and enable them to grow in avariety of environments. We are a Japan-based agricultural biotechnology startup tackling global issues with plant science. In support of the SDGs, we are working to solve global food problems such as starvation and malnutrition caused by damage to plant production from extreme weather events.  We envision the world to be a place where people live their fulfilled lives, as we contribute to desert greening, forest restoration, water conservation, and a reduction in overall plant production cost.


Jong-Myong Kim Founder / CEO

Plants are essential in providing oxygen, food, and a healthy environment. However, due to global environmental deterioration, crops have withered by drought, land has become barren, desertification has increased, and the people’s lifestyles have changed drastically. Now is the time to utilize the inherent resilience of plants to solve food and environmental problems caused by drought, and reverse desertification. With the power of science and safe and reliable technology, Ac-Planta empowers plants to thrive in challenging environments, for a prosperous future of our planet.