-Surviving Climate Change Together-


We use the power of science to unlock the potential of plants and enable them to grow in a variety of environments. We are a Japan-based agribio-venture that uses plant science to tackle global issues. In support of the SDGs, we are working to solve food problems such as starvation and malnutrition caused by damage to plant resource production caused by extreme weather conditions, which are considered a worldwide problem. In addition, by contributing to environmental conservation through the greening of deserts and the restoration of forests, the efficient use of natural resources through water conservation, and the reduction of plant production management costs, we will realize a planet where people around the world can continue to live in affluence.


Jong- Myong Kim CEO President and Representative Director

Plants are important because they provide oxygen, food, a peaceful environment, and a sense of spiritual security.

However, due to the recent deterioration of the global environment, crops have withered due to drought, the land has become rough and desertified, and the lives of the people living there have been forced to change drastically. Now is the time to utilize the inherent resilience of plants to solve the world’s food problems caused by droughts and to push back the deserts with greenery. Using the wisdom of science and safe and reliable technology, we at Aquaplanta will work head-on to maintain and increase green resources, and connect the Earth to a prosperous future for people.