As the first step of activities to eliminate drought and food crisis,we are advancing research and business development in multiple areas with acetate × plant cuts.

Acetate × Flower

By applying adjusted acetate, we are pursuing product research and development utilizing the water-saving effect of reducing the watering frequency and drying resistance of flowers.

Acetate × Agriculture & Gardening

By giving adjusted acetate, drought tolerance of plants is strengthened, we are advancing research to protect crops from damage under limited water condition.

Joint study & Consulting

The best use of acetate for plants depends on places and target crops. We collaborate with business companies, farmers, research institutions, etc. to promote collaborative research and consulting regardless of domestic and overseas.

Company Profile

  • Name
    • Ac-Planta Inc.
  • Established
    • February 7, 2018
  • CEO
    • Jong-Myong KIM
  • Access
    • Chidori Building 3F, 2-16-9 Yushima, Bunkyoku-ku, Tokyo 113-0034
  • Business detail
    1. Research and development, manufacture and sale of agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, plant growth regulators, greening chemicals.
    2. Manufacture and sales of agricultural materials, gardening materials, greening materials
    3. Maintenance and improvement of green space
    4. Water conservation and system development at plant factories and farms.


Ac-Planta Inc. is approved as a RIKEN Venture.

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