Third-party allotment increase was made

Ac-Planta Inc.(Ac-Planta), which is engaged in research and development, manufacturing and sales of plant bioactive agents that utilize acetic acid, made third-party allotment from Industrial Growth Platform, Inc.(IGPI). Ac-Planta conducts research and development of bioactive...


As the first step of activities to eliminate drought and food crisis, we are advancing research and business development in multiple areas with acetate × plant cuts.

Acetate × Flower

Using the mechanism that properly adjusted acetic acid improves flower's drying resistance, we are promoting research and development to reduce the frequencies of watering flowers.

Acetate × Agriculture & Gardening

We are advancing research to protect crops from damages under limited water condition by using the mechanism that properly adjusted acetate can strength the drought tolerance of plants.

Joint study & Consulting

The strategy for the most effective acetic acid application depends on places and target crops. We collaborate with business companies, farmers, research institutions, etc. to promote collaborative research and consulting in both domestic and overseas.

  • 商号
    • アクプランタ株式会社
      (Ac-Planta Inc.)
  • 設立
    • 2018年2月7日
  • 代表取締役社長
    • 金 鍾明
  • 所在地
    • 〒113-0034 東京都文京区湯島2-16-9 ちどりビル3F
  • 事業内容
    1.  農薬、肥料、植物成長調整剤、緑化関連薬剤の研究開発、製造及び販売
    2. 農業用資材、園芸用資材、緑化用資材の製造及び販売
    3. 緑地の維持・改善支援
    4. 植物工場や農場での節水とシステム管理