Skeepon Seminar in Kokubunji, Tokyo: Heatwave Countermeasures for Fruit Trees

On January 26th, we held a joint study session at the JA Tokyo Musashikokubunji branch in Kokubunji City, Tokyo, involving four local agricultural organizations.

This is originated from farmers who are already using Skeepo expressing their desire, through CEO Dr. Kim, to share the effectiveness of Skeepon with other local farmers.

About 15 producers of flowers, fruits, and vegetables from the area attended. I explained the effects of Skeepon on extreme heat and drought, as well as how it works.

A producer who uses Skeepon on broccoli mentioned that the frequency of watering has decreased after using Skeepon, and that he can produce even in hot weather.”

Kokubunji City, where the JA Musashikokubunji branch is located, has been engaged in agriculture for 300 years since the mid-Edo period when it was developed as a new rice field.

Kokuveggie” brand, which collaborates with local agricultural products and restaurants, is known as a city-wide urban agriculture model. In addition, blueberry cultivation is also popular throughout the area.

We received numerous questions about the use of Skeepon in fruit tree cultivation. It highlighted the need to further expand our understanding of Skeepon’s effectiveness for fruit trees.

On this day, our special researcher, Prof. Koshiba, attended our company’s study session with local farmers for the first time. He mentioned that it was quite educational for him to hear the challenges from the farmers.