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When plants lose water, they produce acetic acid which plays a role in desiccation tolerance.

The mechanism was discovered by our CEO, Kim, and his colleagues at RIKEN (Kim et al., 2017, Nature Plants). However, simply applying acetic acid to plants would cause severe damage due to the stimulus of the acetic acid, instead of bringing out the “drought tolerance” of the plants. Our technology solved this problem. We developed a product that effectively empowers plants’ drought and heat tolerance using acetic acid. This is the “Skeepon” series. 

In addition, the acetic acid contained in Skeepon is taken up by the plant  and acts like a sticky note that remembers drought stress, so when the plant dries out again, it becomes drought tolerant quickly and strongly. Subsequent research has also shown that Skeepon is effective not only for drought tolerance but also for high-temperature tolerance. For more information on actual applications, please refer to specific product information.


  • Safety

    The active ingredient in the Skeepon series is acetic acid. Acetic acid, one of the main ingredients of vinegar, is a familiar and safe substance that has been consumed historically.
    In recent years, it has also been registered as a functional ingredient in many foods. In addition, acetic acid sprayed on soil is absorbed by
    plants and decomposed by microorganisms living within the soil (biodegradable). All the other ingredients in the Skeepon series are also safe for the human body and the environment, and can be used with peace of mind.

  • Biostimulants

    The Skeepon series is classified as an agricultural material under the category of “biostimulant” which is neither an “agricultural chemical” nor a “fertilizer.”
    Biostimulants are “a new technology that controls non-biological stress on plants to reduce damage caused by climatic and soil conditions” (Japan Biostimulant Council Website). Biostimulants are a new concept in Japan, but they are rapidly spreading, especially in Europe, as a way to use fewer pesticides and chemical fertilizers and to achieve a sustainable society.


  • 1 Skeepon

    Skeepon is an agricultural product suitable for the growth of a wide range of crops. It is a safe and reliable product that uses acetic acid, the main ingredient of vinegar, which is known for its health benefits. Skeepon is not a pesticide or fertilizer. It is friendly to both people and the earth, making plants resistant to dryness, high temperatures and salt damage.

  • 2 Skeepon Turf

    Skeepon Turf is a product for lawns. The active ingredient, acetic acid, protects lawns from high temperatures and dryness. Skeepon Turf makes lawn maintenance easier by improving turf’s dryness and heat tolerance, which reduces labor and the cost of watering. Skeepon also helps to reduce root rot, salt damage, and the heat damage common in summer.


What types of turf can I use Skeepon Turf on?

The Skeepon Turf can be used on any type of turf, including bentgrass, Korean grass, and Tifton.

When is the most effective time to apply the Skeepon Turf?

We recommend mixing the Skeepon Turf with watering in the morning or evening, or after watering.

How much of the Skeepon Turf should I use at one time?

Spray at least 250 ml of diluted Skeepon Turf solution on 1 m2 of turf.
The larger the volume of spray (water), the more effective it will be.

How much of the product should I use?

Using a 500 dilution, use at least 500 ml/m2.
If you use a 250 dilution, then use 1,000 ml/m2, the effect will be stronger and last longer.
In the case of golfing greens, a 300 dilution is better (1.2 ml/m2 every 10 days).

What is the most important requirement for realizing the desired effect?

After application, allow the product to dry for at least half a day (approximately 12 hours) without irrigating with water. Then, return to the normal irrigation pattern or spray with a slightly reduced amount of water.

Can I use the Skeepon Turf repeatedly?

You can repeat the application as many times as you like, and successive applications will bring out the best results from the Skeepon Turf.