Heatwave even in Hokkaido. Lecture to Fruit Tomato Farmers in Shimokawa Town

On January 25th, I, Sasahara, went to Shimokawa Town in Hokkaido with our CEO Dr.Kim. On this day, Hokkaido experienced severe weather conditions with disruptions in transportation, such as trains being halted in various places. However, strangely, Shimokawa Town enjoyed calm weather, and we were able to safely reach the venue.

The purpose of our visit was to introduce and explain the usage of Skeepon to local fruit tomato farmers, as a measure against high temperatures. Even in Shimokawa Town in Hokkaido, there was a decrease in fruit tomato yield due to last summer’s heatwave.

This lecture opportunity all started when an agricultural official from the town hall attended Dr. Kim’s lecture at last year’s Agricultural Week and asked us to also give a lecture in Shimokawa Town.

Dr. Kim first explained the basic mechanism of Skeepon, followed by introducing examples of using Skeepon on summer and autumn tomatoes.

We received many questions from the farmers, and heard from them that in Shimokawa Town, it is normal for daytime temperatures to be high and for nighttime temperatures to drop. According to the farmers, during last year, the nighttime temperatures did not decrease, making temperature management extremely challenging for them. This made us realize the impact of rising temperatures, even in Hokkaido.

Some farmers also said that they believe that temperatures will continue to rise, and therefore they are quite interested in using Skeepon.

This year, we will conduct tomato trials in Shimokawa Town.

Photo=Fruit tomato juice produced there. Very Good!