Uganda Business Trip Report

Ac-planta recently visited Uganda from April 15th to 24th. This trip was facilitated under JICA’s “Support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and SDGs Business” initiative. The goal of this visit was to lay the groundwork for selling Skeepon in Uganda. In Uganda, close to 80% of the population works in the agriculture industry, and the country exports many agricultural products. However, climate change has led to challenges such as reduced crop yields due to drought and volatile weather, making it difficult to maintain its position as an exporter. Skeepon is an ideal product to help resolve these issues.

The team visited agricultural regions in Kampala, as well as western and northern Uganda, engaging with stakeholders ranging from government officials—including the President and the Prime Minister of Uganda—to local farmers.

During the visit, AC-Planta concentrated on collaborative research with the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), where they have been experimenting with Skeepon on crops like tomatoes and broccoli at NARO test fields. Discussions with NARO highlighted the promising results of Skeepon in improving crop growth and yield, emphasizing its potential benefits for local agriculture in the face of climate change and population growth challenges.

The findings suggested the effectiveness of Skeepon in enhancing agricultural productivity and farmer incomes. Moving forward, Ac-planta plans to continue these trials and seek further collaboration to commercialize Skeepon in Uganda.

We also conducted competitor research at the local market. On that day, we did not find any product or biostimulant that poses a threat to Skeepon in terms of efficacy or effectiveness, increasing our confidence in the potential market opportunity.

This trip not only allowed Ac-planta to explore market conditions and conduct competitor analysis but also helped solidify partnerships and outline future steps for the sustainable development of Uganda’s agricultural sector with Skeepon.