Jong-Myong KIM

Jong-Myong KIM


Research Associate Professor, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences/Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo.
UCLA Molecular Biology Laboratory → RIKEN
He found the acetate-mediated novel survival strategy against drought in plants.

Company Profile

  • Name
    • Ac-Planta Inc.
  • Established
    • February 7, 2018
  • CEO
    • Jong-Myong KIM
  • Access
    • Chidori Building 3F, 2-16-9 Yushima, Bunkyoku-ku, Tokyo 113-0034
  • Business detail
    1. Research and development, manufacture and sale of agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, plant growth regulators, greening chemicals.
    2. Manufacture and sales of agricultural materials, gardening materials, greening materials
    3. Maintenance and improvement of green space
    4. Water conservation and system development at plant factories and farms.

Ac-Planta Inc. is approved as a RIKEN Venture.