Ac-Planta’s CEO, Dr .Kim, was invited to the Prime Minister’s Office of the Republic of Uganda to introduce “Skeepon”.

On January 17, our CEO, Dr.Kim, visited the Prime Minister’s Office of the Republic of Uganda and made a presentation to introduce our product Skeepon in a Ministerial Meeting, attended by a number of high profile Ministers, including the First Lady and  the Deputy Prime Minister. 

The Republic of Uganda, located in East Africa, is one of the regions where drought has caused serious crop damage due to the prolonged dry season caused by recent climate change. Seeing as one of the drought countermeasures in Uganda, there was a great deal of interest in “Skeepon”, a plant activator that strengthens the tolerance of plants to high temperatures and drought. There was a lively discussion and much anticipation for its early application in Uganda.

 We will continue to actively engage in activities to solve the problems of reduced agricultural production and food shortages caused by extreme weather conditions, which are considered problematic throughout the world.