Interview with Skeepon user
(Hokkaido/Ikeda Town/Tokachi Mino Farm)

Onions, broccoli, cabbage, etc. are grown at theTokachi Mino Farm in Ikeda Town, Hokkaido.

The frequent occurence of drought conditions during the planting season (late April ~ mid-May) has become a major problem in recent years in Hokkaido. Such drought conditions cause the planted seedlings to either immediately wither, or cause delays and/or variations in growth. As such, extra time and effort are required for harvesting.

To combat such problems, Tokachi Mino Farm turned its attention to “Skeepon”.The farmer tried Skeepon on broccoli and cabbage and provided us with the following comments; [ ” Such Skeepon treated seedlings not only display a stronger tolerance against drought conditions, but also grow in a uniform manner. We have confirmed that it is quite effective and advantageous to use Skeepon, and therefore plan to use it for our entire farm procedures this year. We also plan to conduct a trial with onions this year”.]

Ac-Planta Inc. aims to help farmers who are encountering such issues as drought and high temperatures.
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(Interviewer: Ac-Planta Inc. Sasahara)