Solving the problems of Tomato farmers!
[Meguri Tomato Co. in Toyohashi City/ Aichi Prefecture]

In collaboration with the Regional Innovation Promotion Office of the Toyohashi City, Ac-planta Inc. is helping farmers to solve various crop issues.

Meguri Tomato Co. grows high quality tomatoes in the south of Toyohashi City (
The company became quite interested in Skeepon, after listening to our presentation at the TOYOHASHI AGRI MEETUP, an event hosted by Toyohashi City.

We later visited their farm to learn more about their various problems, caused by high temperatures, such as the dropping flowers and fruits, less fruit formation, hard recovering of stem position etc. We explained that Skeepon could be the key factor in solving such problems. It was then agreed that a field trial would be conducted to see the effects of Skeepon on Tomato production, especially during high temperature seasons.

We now look forward to seeing the results at Meguri Tomato in the future!