Solving the problems of Sugarbeet farmers!

Acplanta Inc. has started a Skeepon trial using Sugarbeet in Hokkaido, in collaboration with Hokkaido Sugar Co. and Hokkaido Hiryo Co., aimed at solving the problems of Sugarbeet farmers.

After transplanting to field or greenhouse, Sugarbeets are usually severly affected by drought stress, which delays rooting and growth.Such drought stress also sometimes causes the plants to die.
Some farmers conduct supplemental transplanting in order to compensate for such losses, however, this results in an increase in labour and costs. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of farmers who are not conducting such additional transplanting.

To solve these problems, Skeepon can be used to improve rooting in Sugarbeet after transplanting, therefore preventing the death of the plants.
The transplanting of Sugarbeet will begin in May. We will keep you posted!