The Earth is heating up!

Riverside County fire breaks containment, surging to 2,069 acres near evacuated homes (


The world’s average temperature is on a drastic rise, and the United Nations Secretary-General, Guterres, has sounded the alarm, declaring that “the era of global warming has ended, and the era of global boiling has arrived.
Unprecedented heat is engulfing the Earth.

In regions hit by extreme heat and drought, wildfires are constantly breaking out.
As a result, extensive damage to forests is on a rise, and swift reforestation efforts are needed.
However, due to the sheer scale of the destruction, with not enough cultivated healthy tree seedlings being readily available to keep up with demand.

In collaboration with the US Forest Service, our company began a growth experiments with pine seedlings treated with Skeepon in Riverside County, which started in February of this year.
Subsequent observations confirmed that the seedlings did not wither even after 30 days without watering.

There is hope that such seedlings will grow, even in an area that has turned into a scorched wasteland and continues to suffer from drought.

We are trying to deliver skeepon to areas that are directly affected by global warming, not just in California, USA.
So that Skeepon can be recognized as one of the recovery measures for wildfires and reach countries and regions beyond California, we will continue our activities around the world.