A skeepon trial has started in collaboration with Inotio Mirai, in Aichi Prefecture


On August 2nd, we visited Inochio Mirai Corporation located in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture.
The company is engaged not only in vegetable cultivation but also provides technology, equipment, and materials for cultivation. They offer consistent support to producers nationwide.

We were introduced to their team during the pitch event at “TOYOHASHI AGRI MEETUP“, an event connecting agricultural startups and producers, where we introduced our product “Skeepon”. Subsequently, a representative from the company approached us for a discussion on their tomato cultivation, leading to this visit.

They have a huge greenhouse, equipped with state-of-the-art technology for large-scale horticulture, where cherry tomatoes are being cultivated.

From our discussion, we learned that due to the intense heat, nighttime temperatures remain quite high. As a result, the vigor of the upper leaves of cherry tomatoes is weakening, and the yield is not increasing.
There were concerns about such effects on the tomatoes they plan to plant in the future.

Therefore, it was decided to conduct a trial using “Skeepon” for the cherry tomatoes to be planted in September. They intend to evaluate the effect of high temperature damage on the tomato yield during intense heat and its impact on the vigor.
As cultivation at Inochio Mirai is also taken as a reference by other farmers, we hope that the positive effects of “Skeepon” will spread to other producers as well.