Highland Napa Cabbage:
Boosting Yields in Korea!

We are currently conducting around 60 trials in five countries, including Korea, Australia and US.

Here we would like to share a progress report from South Korea.


Since May 2023, we’ve been collaborating with farmers in the highland region of Gangwon-do in South Korea.

We applied our Skeepon to napa cabbages and compared the growth.

Growing napa cabbages during the summer is quite challenging.

After planting the seedlings, prolonged periods of high temperatures and/or heavy rainfall can hinder growth. Even if the plants initially grow roots, they can still wither away if high temperatures persist.

To increase the number of healthy and thriving cabbages, we treated the seedlings with Skeepon, diluted 500 times, before transplanting them and applied this treatment twice.







Left; Skeepon applied napa cabbages, right; control napa cabbages


The Farmers reported that Skeepon treated napa cabbages showed about a 20% increase in successful growth at harvest, compared to control cabbages without Skeepon treatment.


In South Korea, napa cabbage is an indispensable ingredient for kimchi!

However, even in the cooler highlands, it’s becoming more difficult to cultivate them due to rising temperatures. Using Skeepon, we hope we can continue cultivating napa cabbage, thereby ensuring the widespread adoption of our product throughout Korea.