Skeepon trial in the US:
Increased Yield & Sugar Content in Melons!

Left; Skeepon applied melon, right; control melon


We received some quite positive news from California!

Melons cultivated in fields and treated with Skeepon reported increased sugar content and yield, when compared to non-treated melons!!


This trial was conducted at Woolf Farming Company, located in California in late June this year.

We compared plots where seedlings were treated with Skeepon at the base of their roots, with non-treated plots (control). We assessed the number of harvested melons, the weight and size of each melon, and its yield by weight.

Actually, the total count of melons harvested from both fields was almost identical.
However, when comparing by weight, Skeepon treated melons were about 15% heavier per piece than the control melons.

Additionally, the Brix value (indicative of sugar content) was reported to be higher in Skeepon treated melons!

We believe that Skeepon reduced the heat stress in the plants which resulted in the plants’ vigor being drastically enhanced, and in turn allowed the fruits to grow larger.


Given the clear and positive results with the open field melons, we are hopeful of similar successes in other countries.

Currently, about 50 pilot experiments are underway in various US states, including California, Kansas, and Nebraska.
We’re now receiving reports from each location. As soon as we get more results, we will immediately share!