Summer Cabbages withstood scorching heat:
A report from farmers

In late September, we visited a cabbage farm in JA Yokosuka-Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Thanks to the support of Daikou Trading, which we work with for the sale of Skeepon Agri, we’ve been collaborating with JA Yokosuka-Hayama since mid-August 2023 to conduct a demonstration experiment of Skeepon Agri for cabbage cultivation among local farmers.

We visited the fields and were briefed on the results of the August experiments.
One of the farmers who planted his cabbages in August said, “It was a quite hot summer this year, but we didn’t have a single case of leaf burn.” They also mentioned that nearby farmers who used conventional cultivation methods had serious issues with leaf burn on their cabbages.
We were quite happy to hear the numerous positive feebacks from the farmers, and their willingness to once again purchase and use our product next year.

Another farmer who planted the cabbages in September also shared, “The growth seems better than usual.” The demonstration experiment with JA is set to continue until this winter’s harvest.

We are looking forward to seeing the results.