Cabbage Cultivation with Skeepon in Summer at JA Tokyo Aoba: Successful Growth!

On October 6th, we visited farmers within the JA Tokyo Aoba area who have been using Skeepon.

The purpose of this visit was to inquire about the progress of cabbage growth treated with Skeepon that was planted in mid-August to early September, despite the hot weather.
So, how did it go?

The farmers mentioned that “In previous years, cabbage seedlings would invariably wither shortly after planting, but this year, that hasn’t been the case. There also seems to be fewer missing plants.”

Additionally, there was a farmer who runs a nearby community garden which provides seedlings for users to cultivate each year.
This year, for the very first time, seedlings treated with Skeepon were distrbuted and planted.
During this time of the year, community gardens often suffer from reduced watering frequency due to the heat, leading to many plants withering and even die.
However, the crops planted with the Skeepon-treated seedlings were healthy and thriving.

Based on these positive results, it has been decided to encourage cabbage farmers within the JA Tokyo Aoba community to consider using Skeepon next year too!