Our CEO, Dr. Kim, contributes to the academic book “Plant Omics” published by CABI, UK

Ac-Planta Inc. is pleased to announce that Dr. Kim has contributed as a corresponding author to Chapter 7 of “Plant Omics Advances in Big Data Biology,” an academic book published by CABI. CABI is an NGO that aims to solve agricultural and environmental problems. 

The book is a compilation of cutting-edge findings in plant science, and explains how they can be used to address global food security issues.

We are very much in agreement with the objectives of this book, as we are working to unlock the potential of plants through the power of science, therefore enabling them to grow in diverse environments.

Our company will carry out academic activities, in parallel with our business expansion. Through these activities, we aim to build closer relationships with experts around the world, and at the same time also make use of cutting edge plant science technology to tackle the world’s climate issues.

Please see here for more details of the book.