Using Skeepon for Summer Tomato Cultivation,
in Kakegawa, Shizuoka

Since the end of August, we have started a pilot experiment with Watanabe Farm in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, who are engaged in tomato cultivation. Due to concerns about the consistent high temperatures stalling tomato growth in the future, they decided to use Skeepn for the first time.

On August 17th, tomato seedlings were transplanted. The cultivation areas were divided into sections with Skeepon applied and without it, to compare their growth.

About a week after transplantation, we received the first report.

Tomatoes those Skeepon was applied (right) are larger than those in the field without Skeepon (left).


“The section where Skeepon was applied has taller plants, and they appear more vigorous. Due to the high temperatures, there is an outbreak of bacterial soft rot, but the incidence rate is lower in the Skeepon applied section,” was shared.


It’s heartening to see the effects of Skeepon from such an early stage. Despite the intense heat this year, we look forward to harvesting delicious tomatoes!