Update📣: Second year Sugarbeet trial in Hokkaido showing positive results!

A Sugarbeet field. Although it was raining just before, you can see that the soil is still dry to some extent.

Hello everyone, I am Sasahara, in charge of domestic business. On May 18th I visited a Farm in Date City in Hokkaido to follow up on the effect of Skeepon on Sugarbeet growth.
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As mentioned in our previous news report, last year, we conducted the first trial and got quite positive results. We therefore wanted to replicate such positive results this year.

We checked the Sugarbeet growth and found that the Skeepon applied Sugarbeets were growing quite healthy, with a drastic decrease in the number of dead plants, when compared to the control plants.

Photo: Sugarbeet seedling. Healthy seedlings on the left, withered seedlings on the right.

The representative from Hokkaido Sugar Industry stated, “Last year, the growth of Sugarbeet using Skeepon was very good. We have high expectations this year as well.” He also mentioned that our company now merely needs to ensure that farmers know how to correctly use Skeepon.

I was quite happy to see such good results of Skeepon application this year too!
We will follow up with a report on future growth!