Attending Uganda’s 61st Independence Anniversary Party

On October 13th, our CEO and team member had the privilege of attending Uganda’s 61st Independence Anniversary Party held at the Embassy of Uganda in Japan. It was a pleasure to meet with Ambassador Kaahwa Tophace, the Ambassador of Uganda to Japan, after quite some time.

Our connection with Uganda dates back to the visit to the Ugandan Embassy last year, where our CEO had a fruitful discussion with the Ambassador.

Uganda, located in East Africa, has 80% of its population engaged in agriculture and is also an exporter of agricultural products. However, the prolonged dry season due to climate change has affected crop yields, leading to increased demand for food in neighboring countries.

The Ambassador herself comes from an agricultural background. She previously visited farms in Shizuoka and Tokyo where Skeepon was used for cultivation, and gained a deeper understanding of our technology.

In January 2023, we had the opportunity to visit Uganda, where Dr. Kim introduced Skeepon at a ministerial meeting in the Prime Minister’s Office. We also signed a memorandum of understanding for joint research with the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), and Skeepon’s verification experiments for tomato, corn, and broccoli cultivation began on-site. The experiments have shown that crops have improved drought resistance under non-irrigated conditions, and we are currently expanding our experiments primarily outdoors.

We have monthly online meetings with NARO, to provide advice on cultivation and share experimental data, and are impressed by the strong interest in biostimulants and the enthusiasm of the NARO researchers to incorporate this technology into their country’s agriculture sector.

While it will eventually transition from research to implementation, we look forward to the day when they can extend this technology to Ugandan farmers.


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