Skeepon’s Trial in Large Corn Fields in the Midwest of the United States

This is Nakasaka from the international business team.
Today, I’d like to share the progress of our corn trials in the United States.

Back in June of this year, a team of four, including our CEO Mr. Kim, embarked on a journey across four states in the Midwest of the United States – Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, and Kansas.
Our mission? To evaluate the effectiveness of Skeepon in dent corn cultivation.

Here, we are pleased to report the results of the Skeepon experiment conducted in corn fields in Nebraska, approximately five months after the experiment started.

As a quick recap from our previous article, in this particular field, we sprayed Skeepon on dent corn during the V4 growth stage. It’s important to note that this field faced a severe drought this year, which occurs once in several decades.



Despite these challenging conditions, the corn yield in the field where Skeepon was applied increased by 8% compared to the conventional practice area. We were concerned during our visit as the plants were already under considerable dry stress.
However, we are relieved that the Skeepon treatment has contributed, even if just a little, to the profitability of the farmers.

Moreover, the fact that we observed positive effects in American corn fields is a significant step towards our expansion in the American market.

Through this experiment, we’ve gained insights into the optimal spraying methods for corn fields, and we plan to expand our field examples, particularly in the Nebraska region, in the next year.


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